Climate Change is Here!


Canada is a country which is vulnerable to climate change, as the high latitude areas face faster warming due to climate change impacts (source: The Government of Canada, along with the academic community of Canada, pays a great deal of attention to climate change and invests in this area. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) provided a grant to the Township of Bonfield to analyze climate change impacts on the infrastructures of this Township, roads, bridges, culverts and buildings, and on the residents. In the framework of this grant, a climate change adaptation plan, tailored to the circumstances of Bonfield will be developed. This blog, along with other media, is meant to promote communication between the residents of Bonfield and the climate change specialist of Bonfield. Please check here often for monthly updates

• What is the goal of this project?

The goal of this project is to integrate climate impacts in the long-term asset management plans of the Township of Bonfield. Moreover, this project will address concerns of the residents and the stakeholders in the Township of Bonfield. These concerns include climate change-related health issues (e.g. air quality, heat wave), farming activities under climate change conditions, and recreational activities under climate change conditions.

• What do we need from the residents?

This project can only be successful if a meaningful collaboration is established between the residents and the Township of Bonfield. In the course of this project, the Township will communicate with the residents via various media, including this blog. On the other hand, the Township invites residents to actively promote climate change actions and work with the Township in the adaptation plan. Communication with the residents ensures the Township that all possible climate-related risks are addressed, and both the residents and the Township can make informed decisions. Moreover, this will assure the Township that the residents are appropriately aware about the new possible climate changes.