2018 Municipal Councillor’s Guide

The updated 2018 Municipal Councillor’s Guide is now published online. The guide may be of interest to Councillors, clerks or interested members of the public

You can find the guide at:

EN – https://www.ontario.ca/document/ontario-municipal-councillors-guide-2018  

FR – https://www.ontario.ca/fr/document/guide-de-la-conseillere-ou-du-conseiller-municipal-2018

The updated version of the Councillor’s guide has been prepared with consideration paid to recent legislative changes in a number of areas, including governance and land-use planning. As you may be aware, the guide is intended to provide a plain-language summary of applicable legislation and regulations, including the Municipal Act and Planning Act. It is prepared as a support tool for municipalities, Councillors, and local board members.

The updated version of the guide reflects valuable feedback that we have heard about the type of information and levels of support required in specific areas, including new dedicated chapters on municipal meetings and accountability and transparency.

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