Climate Change

Wildfires in the USA

More than 6 million acres of American forests burned in 2020. California is still burning. Each acre of forest can absorb around 30,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. Not only is this natural carbon absorption tool now gone, but tons of carbon dioxide are also sent back to the atmosphere. Smoke and ash resulting from wildfires [...]

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How Coronavirus Lessons are Related to Fighting Against Climate Change?

Coronavirus and climate change are the two greatest crises of these years. Much larger than any other natural e.g. tsunami and man-made catastrophic events e.g. wars or 9/11. In the onset of coronavirus, many climate change activists compared the two and encouraged people to fight against climate change the same way they fight against coronavirus [...]

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To mitigate climate change: does planting trees help?

 We have heard that planting trees – reforestation and afforestation – can control the adverse effects of climate change. Reforestation refers to replanting trees in a forest after a fire, development, and so on. Afforestation is the process of planting trees in the areas that were not previously forested. Trees inhale carbon dioxide, store it, [...]

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Why Global Warming is a Global Problem?

We have seen that outcomes of global warming impact different spots of the Earth differently. Despite this divergence in the outcomes, yet it is called global warming. Why? How are the outcomes globally interconnected?  Recently, Harvard researchers found that even global sea-level rise could be sensed differently around the Earth (1). This can be explained [...]

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New insights about the fight against climate change

We have been informed about saving energy decades ago. It started with turning the extra lights off. Many still practice that, which is good! But that is not enough. According to new research in the USA, many people have a hard time understanding details about energy usage. What is the difference between the energy consumption [...]

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