Climate Change

Climate Change Actions: Is It too Late?

A recent poll shows that Canadians are seriously concerned about climate change. 65% believe that we have reached the tipping point and we need to act quickly. Some even believe that the time to take substantive action has already passed. Despite that a great number of Canadians take climate change very seriously, the topic did [...]

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Do Canadians care about climate change in the middle of a pandemic?

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, according to the surveys, most Canadians were seriously concerned about climate change. Our survey in Bonfield ended with the same results. However, right after the pandemic, the number one policy issue for the majority of Canadians changed to public health and the economy. Public concerns are dynamic and change [...]

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What is the main challenge to stop climate change?

Many activists, scientists, and politicians have tried to answer this question. What is written in the following lines is inspired by the answers of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, to the above question. Bill Gates has funded many projects in fighting climate change and has recently published a book about it. Bill Gates believes that [...]

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