Climate Change

How the climate has evolved so far in our area?

Globally speaking, the average annual temperature has increased in recent years. A recent report from National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA - states that 9 out of 10 hottest Junes ever have occurred since 2010, and Canada has a significant contribution in this trend ( Since 1880, the Earth has warmed up 1 [...]

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Climate Change is Here! But Knowledge is the Key!

Q: Why is Bonfield susceptible to climate change? A: Bonfield is vulnerable to climate change because: A1: Bonfield is a rural community, where the residents use resources much more than an urban community. For instance, the way that the farmers of Bonfield count on and need the natural resources e.g. land, rainfall, is different than [...]

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Climate Change is Here!

Climate Change is Here! Introduction: Canada is a country which is vulnerable to climate change, as the high latitude areas face faster warming due to climate change impacts (source: The Government of Canada, along with the academic community of Canada, pays a great deal of attention to climate change and invests in this [...]

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