Climate Change

What happens thousands of kilometers away affects us: permafrost thaw

Permafrost is a land – including soil and rock – which does not go above freezing temperature (0oC) for at least two years [1]. Arctic hosts permafrost regions. As the global temperature rises, permafrost start to thaw. That unveils plants and animals that froze before being decomposed. This has several negative consequences. Perhaps the first [...]

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Scientists, media, activists, and governments are encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint. Does this really change anything? Do small contributions count?

  According to new research, the peak year in producing carbon dioxide per capita was 2012. It means that while since 2012 the total amount of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere has increased, the share of each of us has declined. Therefore, we, as individuals, have had some positive impacts. Could have we [...]

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Climate Change and Ticks

Climate change and ticksTicks can be found everywhere [1], however, they need certain environmental conditions to flourish that are warm and moist. [2]. Study about ticks’ dates to the early 1900s. It is now well known that not all bites cause serious disease. Even sometimes you may not notice being bitten. However, pain and a [...]

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Climate Change Protest, What is it All About?

Climate change protest, what is it all about?   Climate change has been a public concern since years ago, maybe more than a decade. It gradually became a serious stressor and led to the Paris Agreement signed in 2016. The fact that there are serious criticisms about the sufficiency of the Paris Agreement and the [...]

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