Bonfield Book Club

If you are an avid reader, or a reader looking for your next read, come and join the Bonfield Book Club. The Book Club meets at 10:00 am, the second Tuesday of the month at the Township Office. At each meeting, we discuss a previously-decided-upon book and then discuss reading-related topics.

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Provincial Emergency Response Plan 2019

Provincial Emergency Response Plan 2019 - DRAFT for stakeholder comments. In accordance with the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the Provincial Emergency Response Plan is available to the public on the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management’s website. Copies of the Provincial Emergency Response Plan are to be widely distributed among the [...]

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Connected North/ Internet Options

Let us help you find services to connect in Northern Ontario. We all need to be connected. However access to the services that allow us to connect can be tough to find when you live in Northern Ontario. The open spaces and the rugged beauty that draw us and keep us here can also create [...]

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