Hazardous Spills

Your response to an emergency involving a hazardous spill or fire resulting from the spill should be the same as in all other emergencies except for the following:

If the Emergency Involves Smoke and Fumes

  • Check the wind direction. Observe the path of the smoke or fumes and whether they are rising or following the ground.
  • Move out of the path of smoke or fumes to seek shelter indoors. DO NOT attempt to go through smoke or fumes.
  • If caught in smoke or fumes, REMEMBER A CROSSWIND PATH (at a right angle to the wind) IS THE SHORTEST, FASTEST PATH TO ESCAPE.
  • Seek shelter in a house or automobile.  This can reduce your exposure to 1/10 of that outdoors.
  • Turn on and monitor your radio or television.
  • Remain indoors. Close all doors and windows. Shut down air conditioners, fans, etc. which bring in outside air? Close   all interior doors so that you ‘compartmentalize’ your house. These simple measures plus that of placing wet towels under the doors would do much to prevent the entry of smoke and/or fumes into the relatively airtight homes of today.

If Fumes Threaten You Personally cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel or handkerchief.

And Remember…

Evacuate only if told to do so. In the short term, staying indoors with the house closed up is the most effective action you can take.