Hypothermia is defined as a condition where a person’s body temperature falls below 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of hypothermia may be more dangerous than seems evident.

  • Falling core body temperature can lead to fatigue, lethargy/apathy, clumsiness, mental confusion, slurred speech, shivering, slowed breathing, slowed heartbeat,
    low blood pressure and eventually death.
  • Cold hands, feet and abdomen
  • Blueness or puffiness of skin


Anyone with suspected hypothermia must be transported to the emergency room of the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Prevent further heat loss with dry, warm clothes and blankets. Warm fluids by mouth may also be given (avoid alcohol and caffeine).


Wear many layers of clothing (three or more).  Wearing a hat will help you to conserve as much as 40% of your body heat. Eat lots of energy food.  Drink plenty of fluids and hot drinks (not alcohol).  Avoid getting wet. Keep moving the arms and legs to generate heat.