Proper Use of the 9-1-1
Emergency Telephone Number
and Non-Emergency Numbers


When to dial

9-1-1 provides instant access to emergency services. It should be used for immediate  police, fire and  ambulance response in a life threatening situation.

It’s important that the public use the system correctly. If the service is flooded with non-emergency calls, then it will be difficult for people with real emergencies to get through in  a life or death situation.

During an emergency, it’s easy to understand how residents can become overwhelmed and inadvertently tie up the emergency service with non-emergency calls. It’s wise to think twice before
you dial 9-1-1.

Do not call
9-1-1 to locate relatives, to ask about the availability of gas at local pumps, to find out the location or availability of shelters or other services during an emergency.

Do call
9-1-1 when a situation requires the immediate response of police, firefighting and/or ambulance personnel in a life threatening situation.

9-1-1 to report a fire, to save a life or to stop a crime.

There are several non-emergency numbers that you can call with any other questions that you may have:

Non-Emergency Numbers

Twp of Bonfield Municipal Office 705-776-2641

Public Health 705-474-1400

Police 705-495-3878

Hospital 705-472-8600

Twp of Bonfield Public Works 705-776-2659