The Planning Department


The Planning Department is responsible for ensuring that all new development is in accordance with the Official Plan for the Bonfield Planning Area. The Planning Department also plays a diverse role in leading community planning conversations for the municipality. Bonfield’s Official Plan can be viewed here: Bonfield Official Plan - April 2013 Consolidation

The Planning department is also responsible for the administration of the Township’s Comprehensive Zoning By-Law. The Zoning By-Law sets out various regulations with respect to buildings and permitted land uses.  If you are planning to erect a new building or adding onto and existing structure, contact the Planning department for assistance to ensure that the proposed construction, use and location is in compliance with Bonfield’s current Zoning By-Law. Bonfield Zoning By-Law - May 7, 2013 w adoption By-Law. The regulations set out in the zoning by-law can also assist anyone who is proposing to purchase property in the Township of Bonfield. The zoning by-law sets out the permitted uses and zoning of the property you are proposing to purchase.

The Manager of Planning and Development is responsible for all statutory enforcement functions under the Planning Act and oversees the activities of the Planning and Development Department. The Manager of Planning & Development reports to the Chief Administrative Officer.

All inquiries related to the Ontario Building Code or Ontario Building Code Act should be directed to the Planning Department.


Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC is a 5-member Committee of Council that is composed of 2 appointed members of Council and 3 residents of the community. The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Council on all Land Severance’s as well as commenting on all private Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments applications.

PAC is also responsible for any in-house review of and or amendments to the Official Plan or Implementing Zoning By-Law for the Bonfield Planning Area including the Official Plan mandatory 5-year review.


Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment for minor variances is the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Bonfield who are appointed by By-Law in accordance with the Planning act. What is a Minor Variance? A Minor Variance provides relief from specific requirements set out in the Zoning By-Law to suit special circumstances however it does not change the existing Zoning By-Law.


Shoreline Licence

A shoreline licence must be applied for if you wish to erect or alter any building or structure, to cut or plant any trees, to park or leave standing any vehicle, store any boats, trailers fish huts or any type of materials on the original 66-foot Lakeshore Road Allowance, in accordance with By-Law 96-23


Secondary Dwelling Units

The Township of Bonfield has outlined a vision to promote compact development and mixeduses in support of complete communities and to encourage infilling and intensification in built up areas within the two settlement areas of Bonfield and Rutherglen through Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw. Learn more: Secondary Dwelling Units in Bonfield


To access any Planning Department Applications please visit Applications & Forms. For further information on any Planning matters contact:

The Planning Department
Phone: 705-776-2641
Fax: 705-776-1154