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Survey for the Community Safety and Well-being Plan – Bonfield (

Dear Residents,

We are pursuing several approaches to maintain Bonfield as a vivid, green, and resilient community. To this end, we need your help to shape the future.

The Township is developing several community-based plans. Your feedback through voluntary surveys helps us to understand what you expect and need from us by your input.

One of these plans is the Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) Plan. A CSWB Plan is a document that focuses on what potentially can be risks to the peace and the quality of life we all enjoy in Bonfield and possible mitigations to those risks.

The other plan is the Municipal Energy Plan (MEP). The MEP is the continuation of the Climate Action Plan (to be adopted by the Council). MEP focuses on opportunities to reduce energy consumption both at the corporate and the community level.

Finally, we are developing a Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Plan that will address the concerns of our local businesses and help them grow using our resources. All residents are encouraged to share their input about the business environment of Bonfield.

All these surveys will be available on the municipal website. Paper copies with paid return envelopes are also available upon request.

Hassan Rouhani

Climate Change Officer

Township of Bonfield