Landfill Hours of Operation




To learn more please click here - Bonfield Recycling Program Information Guide


  • OLD BOXBOARD – Examples of boxboard packaging are: detergent/laundry cartons, cereal boxes, cracker and biscuit boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes and over-the-counter drug boxes (toothpaste, toiletries, cough syrup and cosmetics), etc.
  • FIBER EGG CARTONS & EGG FLATS – Made from recycled paper.
  • RESIDENTIAL HOUSEHOLD PAPER – Examples of mixed household papers: junk mail, cash register receipts, writing paper, envelopes, computer paper and clean paper packaging.
  • BROWN PAPER & BAGS – Examples are: Paper grocery bags, liquor store bags and brown packaging paper.
  • POLYCOAT (WAX) MILK & JUICE CARTONS – Examples are: milk cartons, juice cartons, whipping cream cartons and Tetra Pak drinking boxes.
  • ALUMINUM TRAYS & FOIL – Examples are: pie plates, take-out containers, T.V. dinner trays, oven roasters and clean household foil. DO NOT include: butter and candy wrap, take-out lids, metallic potato chip and snack food bags and blister foil for tablets/pills.
  • NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES & CATALOGUES – Includes all newspapers, flyers, magazines, catalogues and telephone books. DO NOT include hard cover books.
  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD – Examples are: boxes used for shipping stereos, furniture, large appliances or groceries (it has wavy corrugations in the middle). The boxes must be flattened, tied and cut to a size of 30″x30″. DO NOT include waxed boxes.


  • CLEAR & COLOURED BOTTLES & JARS – Only container glass is acceptable. Please rinse the containers. Lids and labels can remain on. DO NOT include any other types of glass, ceramics, dishes, window glass, Pyrex, drinking glasses, etc.
  • METAL FOOD & BEVERAGE CANS – Please rinse the cans. Labels can remain on. Place metal lids from the cans in the bottom of the can and pinch the top to trap the lids inside. DO NOT include aerosol cans, metal pots & pans, sheet metal, etc.
  • PLASTICS: #1 P.E.T.E LIQUOR & SOFT DRINK BOTTLES – #1 Plastic with a screw top. Please rinse the containers. Only narrow neck or small mouth.
  • #2 H.D.P.E RIGID PLASTIC CONTAINERS – Examples are: bottles for detergent, water, juice, bleach, shampoo, anti-freeze and others with a small top.

Please rinse the containers. Only narrow neck or small mouth.

  • EMPTY PAINT CANS – Scrape dry; remove lid and place can and lid in blue box.
  • AEROSOL CANS – Cleaners, deodorizers, cooking spray, glues, bug repellent, spray paint. Cans must be empty, remove and discard plastic lids.


Questions & Concerns

For further information, do not hesitate to contact The Public Works Garage during normal business hours at 705-776-2659.


On behalf of the Council of the Township of Bonfield, please be advised we have taken a serious approach to Waste Diversion and the operation and maintenance of our Landfill Site. A closure plan has outlined a cost in excess of $1,000,000, which does not include the application nor the development of a new site. The Site has become one of our most important assets and this Council has developed a program that will assist in extending its life expectancy. You will find the following issues of interest to you and, by participating; you will take pride in doing your share.

Randall McLaren, Mayor


Every household in the Municipality (1034 in 2007) will be issued an annual Landfill Pass. The Pass becomes effective July 1st, of each year, and expires June 30th, of each year. Your Pass will be handed out at the Landfill Site; you must bring your previous years pass back to the landfill site attendant in order to obtain your new one. The reason for handing in your old pass is so that we can calculate the amount of household garbage that went into the landfill site in the previous year. You will not be permitted to dispose of any material at the Landfill Site without this Pass.

The Landfill Pass entitles each household to dispose of 104 bags of garbage per year (being July 1st to June 30th the following year). This allowance is for NON-RECYCLED material only. There is no charge to dispose of recycled material. If you exceed your annual allowance of 104 bags, you will be charged $1.00 for every excess bag, to the expiry date of the Pass.

What is a bag? A bag is a bag, to a maximum size of 30 inches x 38 inches



As previously stated, every household will be issued a Landfill Pass. The Pass will be made out to the owner of the household and its civic address will be displayed. Landlords are required to advise the Municipal Office of the name of the tenant occupying the premises, especially in multi-residential (more than one apartment) buildings. Only one Pass will be issued to the landlord if you do not register your tenant(s) with the Municipality.


Private Contractors

If you engage the services of a Private Contractor to dispose of your household garbage, you may either pick up your own pass, or advise your Contractor to pick it up on your behalf. In any event, the Contractors must follow the program and are required to respect the limits imposed by the Municipality. If you exceed your annual limit of 104 bags of NON-RECYCLED WASTE, your Contractor must pay the Township an additional $1.00 per bag and will in turn charge you for every bag that exceeds your annual allowance. Make sure you keep your recycled material in clear bags so you don’t get charged and it doesn’t get land filled by mistake.


Commericial & Industrial

The Commercial & Industrial building owners are also on the Landfill Pass system.

As a resident of the Township of Bonfield, you may deposit your Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) at the City of North Bay HHW Depot, 112 Patton Street, North Bay; Hwy 17 to Seymour, left on Station Road, left on Cholette, right on Patton. The HHW Depot is open Wednesday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, year round.

All municipalities and their residents using this service must agree to the following terms and conditions, imposed by the City of North Bay:

  1. All rules and regulations associated with the site must be followed by all households.
  2. Payment for the use of this facility is based on the total household count and will be paid by the Township of Bonfield, annually, as requested.
  3. Facility staff will use their discretion in accepting and refusing materials.
  4. The City of North Bay maintains the right to alter the hours of operation of this site.
  5. No commercial deliveries will be accepted.
  6. There is a limit of 60 liters of waste residents can bring per trip. Greater quantities can be rejected at the discretion off staff.

The following are examples of Household Hazardous Waste that should be taken to the HHW Depot:

  • Aerosol Cans Flea Powder Over Cleaners
  • Antifreeze Gasoline Paint
  • Car & Household Batteries Glue Paint Thinners
  • Bleach Herbicides Pesticides
  • Brake Fluid Insecticides Photographic Chem.
  • Car Care Products Lighters Pool Chemicals
  • Chemicals Medicine Propane Tanks Cleansers Motor Oil
  • Cylinders Drain Cleaners Nail Polish/ Remover Solvents Thermometers Fertilizers
  • Oil Filters

Do Not Bring:

  • PCB’s Radioactive Waste Unidentified Products
  • Explosives Pathological Waste

All materials must be left in the original container to allow easy identification of the contents. Never mix products together. Waste should be sealed & labelled. Bring all hazardous waste in a cardboard box or rigid container. Collect household batteries in a small bag, plastic container, or coffee can. Do not bury hazardous waste, or pour it into the ground, it can contaminate groundwater which leads to streams and lakes.

Homeowners are now required to have a Contractor’s Permit to allow the contractor working on your residence to be able to use the landfill to dump construction materials. The contractor MUST present the permit to the attendant in order to have access to the Landfill on behalf of the homeowner. We would like to encourage renovations and improvements on your homes, therefore the permit will be free of charge. Apply at the Township Office.

Contractor’s Permit


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