2024 Tax Ratios
Being a by-law for establishing tax ratios for the year 2023
Emergency Management Program
To adopt an emergency management program
Animal Control By-Law
To regulate responsible animal ownership in the Township of Bonfield
Public Works Operation Fees
To provide for public works operation fees
Landfill Tipping Fees
To provide for environmental and landfill fees
Building Fees
To provide for building fees
Administrative Fees
To provide for administration fees
Recreation and Program User Fees
To provide for recreation and programming fees
Designating Site Plan Control Areas
To designate site plan control areas
Procedural By-Law
Govern the proceedings of council
Committee of Adjustment
To appoint a committee of adjustment
To Govern the Management of Waste and Recycling under the Jurisdiction Of The Corporation of The Township of Bonfield
The township recognizes the need to protect the enviornment, extend the use of the township's waste disposal site, protect personal property and to protect the proterties of the township of bonfield from the disposal of refuse and to create useful recylcing programs. the use of transparent bags for garabge disposal has been approved by council starting july 1, 2023, and for not permitting recycable material from entering the landfill.
2023-48 Procedural By-Law
Govern the proceedings of council
Social Media Policy. By-Law 2023-39
Social media policy
2023 Operating Budget
To establish the 2023 operating budget
2023 Tax Ratio By-Law
Being a by-law for establishing tax ratios for the year 2023
Speed Limit(S) on Certain Highways Within The Township Of Bonfield
Under the highway traffic act r.s. o. 1990 h. 8 as amened to allow council to prescribe a speed limit on any highway under it's jurisdiction.
2022 Operating Budget
To adopt the 2022 operating budget
2022 Tax Ratios
To establish tax ratios for the year 2022
Landfill Tipping Fees By-Law
To amend tipping fees for 2022, 2023, 2024
ATV Off Road Vehicles
Being a by-law to permit the operation of off-road vehicles on any highway within the municipality that is under the jurisdiction of the municipality.
Regulate the Use of Land
Being a by-law for the purpose of amending by-law 2012-49 being a by-law to regulate the use of land and the character, location and use of buildings and structures in the township of bonfield under the authority of section 34 of the planning act, r.s.o. 1990 chapter p. 13.
Open Air Burning
Being a by-law to regulate "open air burning" in the township of bonfield.
Police Services
Being a by-law to enter into an agreement with the ontario provincial police for police services.
Construction, Demolition and Change of Use Permits
Governing Procurement Policies and Procedures
Being a by-law to govern procurement policies and procedures
Prescribing Fence Heights
Being a by-law to prescribe the height and description of lawful fences in the hamlets of bonfield and rutherglen and for establishing minimum standards for swimming pool fences.
To Control Noise
Being a by-law to control noises in the township of bonfield.