The Township of Bonfield adopted a Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards on March 12, 2019 by By-law 2019-04.

The Code of Conduct applies to all members of Council, including the Mayor and, unless specifically provided with necessary modifications, to all of the Municipality’s committees, agencies, boards and commissions.


What is a code of conduct?

A Code of Conduct outlines the rules, roles, and responsibilities of the members to promote accountability and transparency in municipal governance. These roles and responsibilities are outlined for business relations, conduct at meetings, conduct of a political nature, conduct respecting staff, conducting respecting representing the Municipality, protection of confidential information, discreditable conduct, employment of relatives, failure to adhere to Council policies and procedures, receipt of gifts and benefits, and use of Municipal property.


Role of the Integrity Commissioner

As of March 1, 2019, municipality’s in Ontario were required to appoint an Integrity Commissioner. The role of the Integrity Commissioner includes:

  • applying the municipal code of conduct for members of Council and certain local boards;
  • applying municipal procedures, rules, and policies governing the ethical behavior of members;
  • applying certain Municipal Conflict of Interest Act (MCIA) rules to members;
  • providing advice to members of Council and certain local boards respecting their obligations under:
    1. the municipal code of conduct applicable to the member;
    2. municipal procedures, rules or policies governing the ethical behavior of the members; and
    3. the MCIA;
  • providing educational information to the public, the municipality and members of Council and certain local boards about the municipal code of conduct for members and about the MCIA; and
  • conducting inquiries in respect of any requests alleging contravention of the code of conduct and/or any other procedures, rule or policy governing the ethical behaviour of members of Council and certain local boards.

The Integrity Commissioner reports directly to Council. If the Commissioner reports that, in their opinion, a member of Council or a local board has contravened the code of conduct, the Council for the municipality may impose a penalty in the form of a reprimand or a suspension of pay for a period of up to 90 days. It is up to the municipality to decide how to proceed after an Integrity Commissioner’s report.

Integrity Commissioners play a key role in supporting and enhancing local accountability and transparency. For more information about the role of the Integrity Commissioner, see Sections 223.3 to 223.8 of the Municipal Act, 2001   (This link opens in new window)


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Investigative Reports

Reports prepared by the Integrity Commissioner are listed below:

Code of Conduct Complaint- E.Foisy v. R. McLaren Twp of Bonfield Final Report July 29 2022

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Conflict of Interest Act allegation S. Beaudoin v. R. McLaren March 28. 2021 Report

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