The Mattawa Bonfield Economic Development is designing a series of tourism sector promotional brochures. These publications, highlighting outdoor adventures, trails and beaches, places to stay and eat, equine adventures and services, will be made available on line and at tourist information centres across Ontario THIS Spring. The purpose is to promote the region’s tourism assets to potential visitors.

To be certain all relevant businesses and attractions are listed on these free promotional items, MBEDC is once again asking businesses to register on their business directory asap this time before it is too late to be included in the tourism sector promotion project. The “fill in the blanks” on-line form is short and takes but a very few minutes.

If you know of ANY business or tourist attraction that is not listed on MBEDC’s business directory, (and there are many) please urge them to do so. The registry serves many purposes – including acting as an information tool for businesses looking to locate to the region and new citizens looking for services available within the region. The region’s only business directory also helps to make sure residents and businesses know how and when they can support shop local.

Businesses can register at:

You can find out which businesses in the region, regardless of the type have registered on the business registry to date by visiting

The first of this new series of tourism promotional brochures “Antiques and Artisans” has been created and will be launched soon. Stay tuned!