While the Township of Bonfield is working on developing a climate change adaptation plan, there are some actions that can be taken by the residents to reduce the release of greenhouse gases. These suggestions have proven to be efficient. The suggestions demand a diverse range of effort and investment. Readers are encouraged to benefit from the ones that are practical for them. In the future, more practical suggestions will be shared.

Action Use cruise control Depending on the road and speed, using cruise control can reduce your fuel consumption by around 20% (according to Natural Resources Canada).
Home insulation If you have not done this already, it is suggested you consider sealing and air tightening your residence. That reduces around 11% of energy costs (according to the Environmental Protection Agency).
Turn down the water heater Setting your water heater to 49oC (120 F) reduces greenhouse gas emission up to ~250 kg (550 pounds) per year (source: www.manofmany.com).
Switching to LED lights IF not done yet, please consider using LED rather than traditional bulbs. That can save 100-150$ in a year on the hydro bill (source: www.therecord.com).
Use drip irrigation Inefficient irrigation causes up to 50% of water waste. Moreover, drip irrigation saves fertilizer as well (according to the American Society of Landscape Architects).
Drive slowly! Aside from safety, going from 50 mph (~80 kmh) to 70 mph (112 kmh) increases fuel consumption by up to 25% (source: www.theguardian.com).
Using solar batteries Using solar power is not a luxury option anymore. It is an affordable investment. If you have a remote cabin, this green choice is suitable for you. With less than 1500$ you can have sufficient power (a variety of choices are available from private vendors).
Use the library We have a wonderful library in Bonfield. Almost any book that you need can be borrowed here. This is an excellent opportunity to save paper (source: www.theguardian.com).