Many activists, scientists, and politicians have tried to answer this question. What is written in the following lines is inspired by the answers of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, to the above question. Bill Gates has funded many projects in fighting climate change and has recently published a book about it.

Bill Gates believes that fighting against climate change has multiple aspects and demands global cooperation. Politicians may have differences about the solutions, but the goal – fight against climate change toward net-zero in 2050 – must be agreed upon. People are not powerless; they have their responsibilities. Scientists have also key roles. He believes that advances in innovation and technology are also required to decline harmful emissions. One of the key areas that needs immediate advance is battery technology. Without powerful batteries that can store a great deal of energy for long times, it is difficult to count on reliable new energies as a stand-alone power source. Despite promising signs of progress in this field, there are still challenges to be resolved. Meanwhile, fossil fuel powerplants should be replaced by nuclear ones to avoid introducing more greenhouse gas emissions from power generation. Even though nuclear powerplants have environmental concerns, Bill Gates believes that new generations are less prone to catastrophic accidents. In addition to these large-scale mitigation measures against climate change that are to be managed by policymakers, a commitment from the public is required to ensure the harmful emissions are declining as much as possible. This happens only when green premium becomes affordable. Climate prime is the extra cost of goods that are produced with minimal damage to the environment e.g., local products and goods produced by green companies. As an example, Bill Gates explains how cement production needs this evolution. Cement production consumes lots of energy and the process emits carbon dioxide. Therefore, the production introduces harmful emissions to the atmosphere through two sources. There are green types of cement; however, they cost nearly double. Development can’t be stopped as the population grows, and the economy depends on development. Therefore, the only solution is to make green types of cement (and other goods) affordable so that traditional ones can be replaced by more sustainable products.

As can be understood from the above-mentioned examples, Bill Gates is optimistic that climate crisis can be managed, and this would be the greatest achievement of human beings. And 30 years is enough time to reach this goal if we start today.